Asian Sports and Cultural Festival 2018

Dear Players

Welcome to our NZ Asian Sports & Culture Festival 3×3 Basketball Tournament 2018.

My name is David Guo, the general manager of S-energy Sports, and the organizer for this tournament. We genuinely hope that you find this to be one of the more well run events that you participate in. We have been working hard to ensure this happens. We also thank you and your team for supporting this event and S-energy Sports Club.

The attached files are the team playing list, the player list for the three point contest /the entertainment, and the game rules.

Please review your game schedule carefully and pay close attention to the game rules.

Please do not ask us to make any schedule changes – at this point, it is very difficult for us to try to accommodate those. We did everything we could with what you told us about on your registration form for schedule conflicts.  As a reminder, all the team players need to arrive at The Trust Arena at 8:30 to attend the players meeting.

The address of the tournament is at The Trust Arena, 65-67 Central Park Dr, Henderson, Auckland 0610

Please attend the address before 8:30 as the first game starts from 9:00 am.

Finally, the tournament committee wishes to be clear with everyone that as always, we are holding guests to the highest expectations of good behaviour. General poor sportsmanship and/or verbal abuse of officials or opposing teams by referee, players, or spectators will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to leave the gym by a referee or tournament official is prohibited from reentering the remaining of the event. If you feel there is anyone associated with your team who may have a problem conforming to what we consider acceptable behaviour, you should urge him/her to stay at home
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me directly on 0220832704, otherwise I will look forward to seeing you all at this Saturday 24 March.

Thank you and regards

David Guo

General Manager

S-energy Sports



Rules of the game

Rules of the game

1. The game will be played on a 3×3 basketball court with 1 basket

2. Each team shall consist of 3-5 players (3 players on the court and 1-2 substitute)

3. Official Ball Size No.7

4. The game shall consist of 1 referee at the elimination and 2 referees from quarterfinals and 2 score keepers.

5. Captain will decide the first possession with Paper, Scissor, Rock during warm-up.

6. The game must start with minimum of three players on the court

7. Every shot inside the arc shall be awarded 1 point. Every shot behind the arc shall be awarded 2 points. Every successful free throw shall be awarded 1 point

8. Regular playing time: Both teams have 2 minutes warm-up time, 10 minutes game time, no stop clock. Team is allowed to permit a 30 second timeout before last 2 minutes of the game, no stop clock. • Start from Quarterfinals, Time will be adjusted to 3 minutes warm-up, 5 minutes half with 1 minute break in between. Both teams are allowed to permit a 30 seconds timeout at all time, stop clock. Last two minutes stop clock. Overtime period will be applied if game is tied after regulation. Winner must win by 2 points in overtime. ** 12 second shot clock for each possession. Shot clock starts when the team gain possession or received the ball from a check ball.

9. When every possession has been changed, team must clear the ball at any point outside the three point line, can be with one foot outside the three point line with the other one in the air. EG: defensive rebound has to clear the ball after the offensive team attempt to score or loss of possession on a shot.

10. Team possession after basket or whistle shall start with a check ball behind the arc. All the players from the defensive team must be inside the three point line.

11. In a jump/held ball situation, defensive team gets the ball at the top follow with a check ball to start.

12. A team will be in penalty situation after the 6th team foul has been committed. Opposing team will be awarded two free throws when team committed the 7th team foul.

13. Substitution only permitted in a dead ball situation, prior to the check ball. The substitute can enter the game after his teammate steps off the court and establishes a physical contact with him behind the end line opposite the basket. Substitutions require no action from the referees or table officials.
S-energy Sports is not liable for any damages, physical or material incurred before, during and after
the basketball event.

14. Winner team will get 3 points, Loser will get 1 point, and defaulted or forfeit is 0 point.

15. A team shall lose the game by forfeit/default if team cannot provide minimum of 3 players to start the game within 3 minutes after game has been started, however, a point will be awarded to the opposing team with every 30 seconds the team is not there. In case of a forfeit/default, the game score is marked by 10-0.

16. A team shall lose by forfeit if player leaves the court before the end of the game or all the players of the team are injured and/or disqualified. In case of a default situation, the winning team will be allowed to decide to keep the score or have the game recorded as a default (win by 10-0), whilst the defaulting team’s score is set to 0 in any case.

17. Stalling or failing to play actively (i.e. not attempting to score) shall be a violation. Technical foul would be applied for any stalling.

18. Following free throws from a Technical or Unsportsmanlike foul, the same team will keep possession with a check ball from the top.

19. Players must behave and be respectful to the referees at all time. And must maintain a good sportsmanship at all time to opposing team.

20. ZERO violence at all time. If player committed any violence action, team will receive a game disqualify. Tournament disqualify will be applied to the team if same action happened again. 21. Referee will have the right of making final decisions.